What Canada Life is Like in the Fall

The change in colour of the surroundings to reds, browns and oranges signals that Canada life is about to enter the fall. The best places to be in when the season creeps in are villages near the woods when the orange late afternoon sunlight hits the trees, producing a cinematic landscape.

It is great to be in Canada during the fall. There are actually countless of things to do and life in this Northern American country may just be a whole lot better than it is in the winter. Here are some things you need to know about Canada life during the season of fall.

  • Ontario

Like what was mentioned earlier, fall in Canada treats you to an amazing scenery filled with deep colours of the season.  The Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario is where you would want to be during autumn. You can enjoy revelling at the changing of colours of the maple leaves. In addition, residents of Ontario enjoy not just the trees but the wildlife that is in harmony with the wonderful habitat. Most people also engage in canoeing activities as they marvel at the colours of the park.Put it this way: you get to bond with your family, workout a little and enjoy nature all at the same time.

  • Hiking Locations

Canadian residents hike the most during the fall. This is the peak season when almost everyone gets out of their chairs and exercise their thighs and legs. Even tourists are engage in hiking at this time of the year. Most flock in Banff’s Sunshine Meadows, known as one of the top day hikes in the country, Larch Valley near Moraine Lakes and Ptarmigan Cirque located in the Kananaskis Country. Just like canoeing in the Algonquin Provincial Park, hiking in these areas won’t just feed your healthy lifestyle but provide you with the most exciting autumn views, as well.

  • Montreal

This well-known city in Canada is one of the world’s largest French-speaking urban areas. Quebec looks immaculately magnificent in the winter, but the city is also a pride for its residents during the fall. Every year, the city gains its largest population of tourists during this season, thanks to the “Magic of Lanterns” event. This is held at the Montreal Botanical Garden and displays hundreds of luminously-coloured Chinese lanterns. All these are hand-painted. During the celebration, these Chinese lanterns are set floating on the ponds and hanging on tree branches. The Magic Lantern Festival, for most Canadians is an event not to be missed. The blend of outstanding lights display, the starry skies, and residents all clothed in autumn clothing is surely a feast for the eyes.

  • Quebec

Quebec is known for its traditional French village feel, with stunning architecture and sceneries from the old world. This quaint city is stunning in the winter, but it is just as magnificent in fall. Many residents of Quebec enjoy strolling along Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge or just sit among the benches and watch as the colourful leaves fall from their branches. For many couples, this is a great time to take picnics at the park, sipping on some hot drink.

For most residents, Canada life in the fall is fleeting. Winter comes way too early in the region. It is for this reason that the people enjoy every bit of the autumn season.…


Facts You Might Find Interesting About Canada

There are many facts about Canada you may find interesting, especially if you are not from there or you don’t know much about the country. Aside from being one of the biggest countries in the world, many information about this nation can be quite educational, to say the least.

Here are some of the curious facts about Canada:

  1. Being the second largest country in the world, Canada is comprised of 6 time zones. Yes! This North American country beats the most famous nation, the United States, which only has 3. Canada has a total area of 9,984,670 square kilometres.
  1. Canada has both the longest coastline and street in the world. Its shoreline is 202, 080 kilometres long. The longest street, Yonge, is found in Ontario and has a distance of around 2,000 kilometres.
  1. Who doesn’t know about Winnie-the-Pooh? This friendly bear was based from a Winnipeg bear cub which lived in the early 1900s. A.A. Milne, the author of the children’s story, had a son named Cristopher Robin, who always visited Winnipeg to visit the cub, which was then shipped from Canada to the London Zoo in 1915.
  1. Want to know where the largest big screen is in the world? You guessed it right! The Sony big screen is found in at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, used to be called the SkyDome. The screen measures 10 metres by 33.6 metres.
  1. The once most popular mobile phone manufacturer, Blackberry, was established in Ontario, Canada. It was specifically developed in the offices of Research in Motion’s Waterloo.
  1. At some points in history, the United States wasn’t as friendly to Canada as it is now. In 1775 and 1812, US invaded the Canadian region.
  1. How big is the largest coin? It has a diameter of 9 meters and a reproduction of the 1951 Canadian nickel. The largest coin is found in Sudbury, Ontario.
  1. Canada is big at the Winter Olympics. This is only natural since the country experiences very long winter seasons. Many athletes focus on honing their skills in winter sports, since they have the facilities to do so. After the 2010 Winter Olympics, Canada still holds the most gold won in the said sports tournament.
  1. Canada isn’t supposed to be the name of this North American country. According to myths, the name sprung from a misunderstanding between the local Natives and French explorer, Jacques Cartier. These Natives invited the visitor to their Kanata, which means village. Cartier then assumed that this is the name of the place.

Love insects? Canada has around 55,000 species of these creepy crawlies.…